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Meet the people who have made it through to the other side of weight loss. These success stories are our past and present clients who have not only lost weight successfully but are determined to maintain the lost weight in the coming years. Nutribond is committed towards making your lifestyle better and weight loss easier. These people are a proof of the same. As we say in the end the experience of weight loss has to be fruitful and joyful for all our clients whether based in India or Abroad.



Chand Mohammed

Hi, I m Chand Mohammed and I was desperately looking for a weight loss program. I have tried so many diet plans available over the net ,Watched clips and did exercises but wasn't successful . Finally my friend introduced me to Ms Huda Shaikh Dietician & founder of NUTRIBOND. Her intelligent study of my eating habits , calorie intake and life style waa excellent and as most of the time I use to travel or sit in office. She suggested me for go ahead with a 12 weeks diet plan . The plan was amazingly prepared to match with my daily life style and easy to follow & good thing was that you don't need to starve instead have to eat in specific intervals of time and little bit simple exercise.Finally i have lost 9kgs. It was impossible for me to bring down thesw many kilos . I would seriously recommend & ask to refer Nutritionist Huda for effective,sustainable and realistic results and last but not the least it was impossible without her strict follow-up every 2-3days to know as to how well the diet plan is being followed. She is a thorough professional and makes sure that her patients are able to follow the diet comfortably.


Sadaf Kazi - Homemaker

Before marriage my weight was always around 47-50 kgs.Even after marriage it was an okay weight but it increased when my kids were born.After my second baby I lost a lot of baby weight but suddenly within a year's time I was climbing up the ladder towards being over weight.But when I met Huda,she explained how important it was to eat right,in right portions and at the right time!!.I also got to know that skipping meals was also bad for the body.I thought of trying out the diet programme and give myself a chance to get back into shape.In a span of 6 weeks,I religiously followed what Huda said and the results were amazing .... I lost 5 kgs and had a remarkable inch loss too...All thanks to Huda for guiding and motivating me throughout the program..


Nauman - Electrical Engineer

I'm Nauman, an Electrical Engineer by profession working in Dubai since 2004. I brought a lean and athletic body to Dubai and I was looking to get my old-self (or should I say my younger body) back. Not that I was unable to do my work with my blown up body but there were restrictions. Since 2010 I was promoted to an office job and that is when all the problems started. I am a Type II Diabetic (it's hereditary) and have to keep my weight, BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure, etc in check. I started using the gym for sometime and was seeing the difference but unfortunately could not keep going. Major reasons were odd working hours (I'm the focal point of contact for our customers in MENA, Europe, India and Pakistan for their technical or field requirements on our equipment) and laziness. I'm an avid cricket fan and love to watch and play the game. Started playing twice a week to get the physical activity done. In addition to this I planned to control my food habits and eat correctly. I was introduced to Huda when I was on my annual vacation in Mumbai and she looked into my personal details, eating habits and medical history. She explained me the importance of eating proper to keep the body fit and healthy. Moreover she explained me how important it was to eat right and keep my weight in check due to my medical condition. I was around 82kgs. My ideal weight should have been around 72-75kgs max. To get to the desired weight we agreed to do a 8weeks diet plan. I'm not a big foodie but I like to eat stuff I really like (including junk). Huda made it simple to start with so that I get used to the diet plan for the 1st two weeks. Yes she definitely cut down on my sugar and junk food intake. I was allowed only one cheat meal after 2weeks. There were results to be seen in the 2 weeks and I lost a whopping 2.5kgs. As we continued with the diet plan for the desired period of time I was able to lose 10kgs and 3inches around my waist. The pot belly had subsided and colleagues in the office started noticing the difference. It was WOW to receive positive comments after a long long time. I did my full body check up after the diet plan and was amazed to see the positive difference. I can see my thing (toes......don't take me wrong) standing upright once again. Was handsome again for my wife and could play with the kids much more than before. The best thing about Huda's diet plan is that they are simple and easy to follow. One does not have to move 180deg opposite to what he/she is used to eat. She follows up with her clients twice every week on how the plan is being followed. If there is some inconvenience she alters the plan to her clients need. I'm happy with my body now as I feel more energetic and can do good amount of physical activities. Basically it's a happy home and that's very important. Lastly, I will take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Huda for being professional and honest and helping me achieving my good young days. Thanks a million


Chinmay Purohit

I had the pleasure of knowing Huda since we were in Junior College at Bhavans’ College in Andheri. I used her notes to complete my journals. After our 12th, I joined Mithibai because all my friends were there but stayed in touch with Huda. When I found out she’s studying to be a nutritionist, my advice to her was, “Don’t give advice to anyone for free and whenever I want 6 packs abs, I’ll consult you!” Life took me abroad for higher studies coz I wasn’t getting admission here in Mumbai. Long story short, I didn’t know how to cook at the time and as a vegetarian, I just hogged on cheese pizzas all day. Result, by the time I was done with my studies and I landed a good paying job, I was a 108 kilogram elephant of a human being. Loved where my professional life was heading, didn’t like where I was going physically. All said and done, I am just 24 years old. When I visited India earlier this year, I met Huda and she didn’t hesitate in expressing her feelings about me being extremely unfit and unhealthy. I’ll always remember what she said, “Motey, wajan kamkar warna ladki nahi milegi!!!” Honestly, my maa said the same thing to me… Something about how the brains of these Indian women work, fascinating! Anyway, once I landed back here in Vegas, I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counseling. Told her that throughout my lifetime, I have tried many different ways to lose weight and have always failed.Maybe because instead of cheese pizza I had cheese burgers. Huda understood that I was serious and gave me a basic plan to start. With Huda’s program I learned how to understand the food I eat and how my body works with this food. Huda did not restrict my eating habits but showed me how to read labels and introduce healthier things into my diet. She taught me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. She also showed me how to increase my exercise so that my body would work more efficiently towards my goal. Through Huda’s program I stopped thinking about weight loss and began thinking that I was learning to change my life. She asked all the right questions, listened to my experience and prepared an individualized plan for me that was responsive to my lifestyle and the types of foods and ingredients that I had access to. I suffer from acute insomnia. When I got to the gym, I work out for over 2-3 hours. She understood how chaotic my work schedule is and designed plans based of that. To date, I am pleased to say that I have lost weight and continue to lose more. I truly do not believe I would have learned everything I did and feel so good about reaching my goals without Huda and her program. Huda is the utmost professional yet she has a touching compassion and dedication to her clients. I am thrilled to be able to say that I worked with her. Huda is a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She portrays a high level of professionalism and sincerity in every task she undertakes. Her comprehensive approach combined with cutting edge interventions and in depth personalized assessment and testing make her a very unique dietitian/ nutritionist. She firmly believes in eating right and using the highest quality nutritional supplements available, thereby giving her clients the ability to quickly achieve and maintain their personal health goals and live a happier, healthier and longer life. I have a very long way to go, but I’m pretty sure that before my 26th Birthday in October 2017, I will have 6 packs abs for sure and almost all the credit for it will go to Huda. She is the best!

PS: I was 108 kgs when I started on 29th February 2016. Today on 6th July 2016 I am 93 kgs.


Farhat Memon - Homemaker

I had engaged Huda as my dietitian to help me reduce weight. She has far surpassed my expectations and took on the role of a coach and guide. She would check progress with me proactively, encourage me to continue (believe me losing weight takes commitment) and adjust my diet on the run to suit my taste and personal constraints. Her knowledge of various food types and their impact on the human body is impressive. Over my 4 week diet, I have lost 4 kilos. I would certainly recommend Huda as a dietitian to whoever is looking for dietary guidance.


Zahabiya tindaliyawala

Hi this is Zahabiya.I was 67kg when I consulted Huda for the first time.Due to PCOS I used to think I will never lose weight . When i started my first diet honestly I hadn't imagined that my weight is going to come down.In 6 weeks programme my weight went down frm 67 to 59 ! My acne and pimples have reduced plus my skin is glowing.After losing weight my menses have also become regular and now PCOS is not a problem at all . Her diet and recipes are easy and can be managed easily . I am still following her tips and still my weight is going down ! I am really thankful to Huda for her motivation and help :)


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