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Welcome to NUTRIBOND!

At Nutribond, we concentrate on customizing, fortifying, and actualizing the optimal weight loss experience for and with you. Whether online, on phone or in person, Nutribond prides itself on delivering a profound and meaningful treatment using our medical expertise to work with you and your body. Not just losing weight but improving health with a change in your lifestyle is our aim.

A perfect body is a dream for everyone and now-a-days it is easier to achieve your dream body with the right amount of exercise and proper nutrition. With people becoming more conscious about a healthier and fitter life, the regimes and the eating habits have started taking care of them without delays. At Nutribond, we help you in attaining your targets in a tangible manner. With no false hopes, we here believe in providing a blend of exercise and correct diet, to incorporate it in your routine as a lifestyle and not just as a temporary solution to your issues.

We know the importance of a healthy lifestyle so as to practically keep you fit and at the same time let you achieve your fitness goals. As it is rightly said, it is not the hard work but smart work that matters. We are here to help you get rid of those regular diet plans that no longer interests you and also the stressful exercising sessions that you are forced to undergo in order to lose weight. Nutribond will strive to make health a fun and lively thing. Health is something to enjoy and not to stress about and hence this is the mantra of Nutribond.

In the end what matters is not how long you live but how well you live;So Trust us for the Best.


185, Tayeb Manzil
Ground Floor, Room no 4
Behind Skyway Hotel, L.B.S Garg,
Kurla West, Mumbai 400070.

Only by prior appointment

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